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The Museum

Interactive, informative, inspiring. A fabulous family day out. Groups and school visits welcome.


Securing communication on the battlefield and beyond
Securing communication on the battlefield and beyond.

Research & archives

Extensive library and archive collection
By appointment. Delve into the archives - research, scrutinise, analyse.

History & heritage

WW1 & WW2 communications Visual signalling using flags during WW1

Explore military communications from semaphore to cyber

Leaders in a Digital Age

BAOR, were you there? Your Museum needs you!

Codes and code breaking



Intrigue, excitement, bravery. Keeping communications secret


The Royal Signals

A look at the work of the Corps. Connect, detect, protect


Network communications Ahead of the enemy - leaving no trace - keeping you safe



R_Signals_Communications Action - from Afghanistan to the Olympics...


The newest Internet technologies in the field of space researchOnline is the new front line - connect, detect, protect


From fire to fibre. A look at the history of communications and the work of The Corps, from the Crimean to the trenches of WW1 and battlefields of WW2

Uncover the past


Securing communication on the battlefield and beyond. Regimental roles, joint operations

Explore the present


Online the new frontline. Communication and combat in cyberspace. Electronic warfare...

What lies ahead?

100 years at the cutting-edge of communications

All under one roof...

The Royal Signals Museum - visit today

Enjoy a spectacular day out

Cyber and electronic warfare Explore military communications from semaphore to cyber 1943 5th Army Italy Inzio Bridgehead Line patrol

Intrigue, excitement, adventure..


  • Communication and signalling through history
  • The crucial role played by The Royal Signals in the 21st Century Army


  • Women at War exhibition
  • Willy's Jeep
  • Marvel at the medals and honours earned by former Signallers


  • Transmit your own message in morse code
  • Create your own radio relay
  • Experience life in an Afghanistan Compound
  • Dine in the NAFFI Cafe alongside today's soldiers


  • The vital role and importance of the Royal Signals past, present, future
  • What it takes to operate in war and in peace


Career ahead?

Ahead of the action, ahead of the enemy

Royal Signals - Communicating with you


Thinking of a career in today's modern Army?


Think Royal Signals...

Communications - Information - Defence

Royal Signals...

Problem Solving - Creativity - Tactics

Where teamwork matters, where YOU matter

Computing - IT - Cyber

The Royal Corps of Signals

Royal Signals communication specialists


to humanitarian missions and military operations…

last out

Always at the cutting-edge of technology