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We are open seven days a week throughout Spring and Summer.

The Royal Signals Museum – Dorset

From laying line, through to advanced, secure satellite, cyber and more, the Royal Signals Museum tells the exciting story of military communications and information from the Crimean War to the pesent day.

Giving the public a glimpse into military communications past and present

The Royal Signals Museum

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Opening Times

Royal Signals Museum, Blandford Camp, Dorset DT11 8RH

Mon – Fri 10am – 5pm (last entry 4pm)
Sat – Sun 10am – 4 pm (Last entry 3pm)
Open 7 days a week until Oct 28 2018.  
Closed weekends Nov 3 2018 – 15 Feb 2019.  
Adult and youth groups welcome see Group visits

A valid photo ID (passport/driving licence/MoD90) is required by all adults 16+ for admission to the museum, no exceptions. Please contact the Museum ahead of any planned visit if you cannot provide photo ID for all adults. 

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Museum exhibitions include

  • The Crimean War
  • The invention of the electric telegraph and its first use in war
  • Royal Engineer Signals from 1870-1900 & Boer War
  • The formation of C Telegraph Troop.
  • The  World Wars
  • Using  the telegraph for tactical purposes
  • Royal Signals in Airborne Units and other Special Forces
  • Encryption, interception and spy radio
  • The Inter War Years
  • The formation of the Royal Corps of Signals
  • Post World War Conflicts
  • Royal Signals in British Army of the Rhine (BAOR)
  • Northern Ireland
  • The Falklands War
  • The Gulf War and Afghanistan
  • United Nations and NATO Peace Keeping
  • Links to authors Milne and Tolkein
  • Women at war
  • Animals in the war
  • Command and communication vehicles and despatch bikes
  • Sports and artistic achievements

Explore the work of The Corps, The Museum and Communications

History & Heritage

From semaphore to cyber…

Battles and Conflicts

In on the action…
Royal Signals medals and uniform

Medals and Uniform

Bravery, honour, valour…

Research & Archive

Explore by appointment…


  • Interactive history, science and techology of communications
  • The crucial role played by The Royal Signals in the 21st Century Army

Intrigue, excitement, adventure


  • Women at War exhibition
  • Willy’s Jeep. Monty’s Command vehicle
  • Medals and honours earned by Signallers
  • White Helmets bikes and memorabilia


  • Transmit your own message in morse code
  • Create a radio relay
  • Experience life in an Afghanistan Compound
  • Dine in the NAAFI Cafe alongside soldiers


  • Royal Signals vital ‘first in to battle, last out’ role
  • The importance of communications – past, present and future
  • What it takes to operate in war and in peace

Royal Signals – Leaders in a Digital Age

The staff on the gate and in the museum were so helpful to everyone they came in contact with.. Remember to take photo ID with you or your not getting in!

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