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A brief history of the museum


Eighty years of showcasing The Royal Corps of Signals

The Museum in its new form was re-opened on 28th May 1997. There are many interactive displays and fun trails for younger visitors.

Founded in Catterick, in North Yorkshire in the mid 1930s, the Royal Signals Museum  moved from the former home of The Royal Signals to Blandford Camp in 1967. Following a successful appeal launched in 1989, to raise over £1 million, a new wing was constructed and refurbished displays implemented.

The Royal Signals Museum houses the national collection of military communications equipment and vividly tells the story of military communications and of The Corps via a series of exhibitions – including interactive exhibitions – and displays.

Royal Signals Museum Blandford display of Ferret and of motor bikes

Purposes of the museum

  • To preserve and display the heritage and work of the Royal Signals.
  • To tell the story of military communications from the Napoleonic Wars to present day
  • To invite curiosity about the work of the Corps and telecommunications more broadly
  • To provide educational resources to schools, colleges, researchers and visitors.
  • To facilitate life long learning.
  • To provide research, educational and recruiting support facilities.
  • To look to the future of communications and to the work of The Royal Signals and be at the forefront of the use of technology.


What can visitors expect?

The official painted design for the Corps Cap Badge as accepted by the College of Heraldry.

The official painted design for the Corps Cap Badge as accepted by the College of Heraldry.

The Museum has installed a series of exciting exhibitions including  the story of the modern-day, high-tech signaller.  Displays illustrate the wide ranging role of the Corps both on the Battlefield and beyond.   The displays are planned and created by serving soldiers from the different Units and so provide a soldiers perspective of their roles and responsibilities.

Current displays include:

  • Cyber Warfare
  • Satellite Communications
  • Special Forces

An interactive Floor Plan of the museum can be found here:

Royal Signals Museum Interactive Floor Plan

Dorset Museums Association

The Royal Signals Museum is a member of the  Dorset Museums Association. The Dorset Museums Association exists to represent museums of Dorset and to support and encourage them in their endeavors to reach and maintain the highest standards of museum practice.
Find out more via www.dorsetmuseums.co.uk


Registered charity

The Royal Signals Museum is a registered charity. Profits from items sold in the museum shop are returned to the Museum, helping to maintain and improve it for this and future generations.

Registered Charity 1133304

Registered Company 06460179

Donations welcome.


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