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Continue, further and improve our work


Objects and equipment can greatly enhance the story of military communications and the role of Royal Signals.


Donations of books, manuals and documents help to further our resources research and relevance

Legacy giving

Leave a gift in your will. Legacies are a great way of supporting us even after you are gone.


Regular and one-off donations welcome.

Your help supports our legacy to the Corps

We rely on the support of, and donations from, the public, ex-corps and serving soldiers to continue to improve our displays, collection and interpretation. There are many ways in which our supporters assist the Museum*. Some of these are outlined below.

What can you donate?

  • Money and Legacies
  • Objects, medals and equipment
  • Documents, books and manuals

If you have books, documents, manuals, medals, objects or equipmentthat you would like to donate to the museum, please get in touch with the Museum Director. 


If you would like to support the museum and help fund our wide range of projects by donating money to the museum please get in touch with Adam Forty

Email Any money you donate will be used on museum improvement projects.

Monetary donations help fund a wide variety of Royal Signals Museum projects; such as new acquisitions, displays and exhibitions, public engagement and learning events such as the BBC World War 1 At Home event 2014 which was attended by over 137,000 people, eight towns and cities throughout the UK.


Legacies – leave a gift in your will

The Royal Signals Museum works hard to ensure that its collections and the heritage of the Royal Corps of Signals, are preserved for future generations. You can play a role in our continued success by leaving a legacy to the Royal Signals Museum.

If you are making a will, giving to charity is straightforward and can have tax advantages as legacies left to charities such as The Royal Signals Museum are free of inheritance tax. (Tax rules can change  – always check for latest information).

By including the Royal Signals Museum in your will you are helping to safeguard the Museum for future generations. No matter how small your gift, your contribution will make a difference.


How could your legacy be used?

You may leave a donation to be used for general purposes, or you can specify a particular purpose for your legacy. Unless you indicate otherwise, the Museum Trustees will use your legacy to benefit the Museum in the way they consider most appropriate.

Your bequest could take the form of:

  • A specified cash sum
  • The residue or part residue of your estate
  • Any chattels, property or land (however it is advisable to discuss such an intention with us beforehand).

If you own an object or collection of objects which are important to Dorset you may wish to consider leaving these in your will to the Museum.

We can provide help and advice if you require it. If you would like any assistance please get in touch with Adam Forty – email:

Donate by post

Give a one-off gift or make a regular donation to support the work of the Royal Signals Museum.
The Director
The Royal Signals Museum
DT11 8RH

If you are a UK Tax payer please consider completing a gift-aid form with your donation. (See below for more information on gift aid). Click here to download a Gift Aid form


By bank transfer

To make a donation to the Royal Signals Museum directly from your bank account, please contact the Business Development Team at


Other ways to donate

You can make donations to the Royal Signals Museum through your salary payroll or by giving a gift of shares.


Gift Aid

An additional way to support the Museum at no extra cost to you. If you are a UK Tax payer, using Gift Aid means that for every pound you give we get an extra 25 pence.

For more information about making a donation contact or phone 01258 482 248 and ask for the Business Development Manager.

Click here to download a Gift Aid form


Corporate sponsorship

We have a number of projects that we have planned but require funding. We are always happy to discuss these projects with Corporate bodies who are prepared to consider sponsorship. In return we can offer significant benefits.

Anyone requiring information should contact the Director at or Telephone 01258 482 267.


*The Museum has charitable status (Registered Charity No 1133304).