The White Helments

The Royal Signals Motor Cycle Display Team

The White Helmets were an internationally acclaimed motorcycle display team of The Royal Corps of Signals. Based in Blandford, Dorset for 90 years, until their disbandment in September 2017 they performed around the world.

Blandford Motor Cycle team The White Helmets

Origins and history of The White Helmets

In 1927 the Cavalry Signals organised a motor-cycle display based on the musical rides by the cavalry. Well received, it led to the combination of a motor-cycle and equestrian display team, later the ‘White Helmets’ motor-cycle display team which became internationally well known and continues to thrill and excite at national and international stunt performances. With an amazing three world records to their name, at their peak they performed to more than one million people annually.

The museum houses various models of motorcycle including the Triumph Tiger 70 which was used by the Royal Signals Display Team from 1935-1938 as well as a bike used in the very final White Helmets display held in Blandford in September 2017.