On This Day…

10th April 1944 Military Cross and Military Medal awarded following enemy bombardment

On this day in 1944 the Headquarters of 77th Indian Infantry Brigade came under attack in Burma. Consequently the Brigade Signals Officer and two signalmen unloaded a No. 22 Set from its mule and brought it into action under fire.

With the enemy only 50 yards away firing at every noise, the signallers – surrounded by heavy casualties caused by machine-gun fire – passed the message directing close air support which successfully disrupted the enemy attack. Still under fire, they reloaded the set on its mule and moved to a safer place.

Captain William Park was awarded the Military Cross and Signalman James Charleston and Signalman Archibald Ward were awarded the Military Medal. The Military Medal was also awarded to Sergeant Hubert Dodd for his bravery during the attack for organising the wounded and later ensuring that they were loaded on mules and taken to safety.