On This Day…

1st April 1982 – Ambushed and killed

On this day in 1982 Cpl Mick Ward (RSIGNALS) and Sgt Michael Burbridge (REME) were ambushed and killed by members of the IRA in Londonderry’s Bogside area after their civilian van had been spotted entering and then leaving RUC Rosemount where  they had been carrying out work on army radio equipment.  Both were in plain clothes. 

For many soldiers, the Corps’ work in Northern Ireland involved travelling to and from Army and Royal Ulster Constabulary (RUC) bases and isolated communications sites. Some travel was done in uniform in military vehicles, but much of it was conducted in civilian clothes and unmarked cars and vans. Blending into the general population was difficult as the bases had limited approach routes and entry/exit points. These were often covered by ‘dickers’ who reported number plates and movements to the paramilitaries. For the SDS driving regularly from base to base delivering signals, setting patterns became inevitable.

We will remember them – Certa Cito.