On This Day…

2nd May 1945 German garrison in Berlin surrendered 

Daggers, medals, documents signed by Hitler

On this day in 1945 one of the first party of British troops to enter Berlin was Captain Kenneth McKee. McKee was 23 when he landed on D-Day and moved with his division through France and into Germany. He was in the first party of British troops to enter Berlin and had been selected to provide communications for the peace conference due to take place at Potsdam.

When off duty McKee and his friends would walk round the devastated city. On one occasion they were permitted access inside the Reich Chancellery by a grateful Soviet guard to whom they had given a couple of cigarettes. Inside the ransacked building they found a historical treasure trove, including many documents personally signed by Hitler, daggers, medals and other memorabilia. This collection of items was donated to the Royal Signals Museum and forms an unusual part of the Museum’s World War Two displays.

A collection of documents personally signed by Hitler and other items from the Reich Chancellery are on display at the Royal Signals Museum in Blandford.