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We work with producers and researchers on a variety of TV programmes and films and are frequent contributors to radio. In addition we work with prestigious organisations, industry and the press for special articles and features.
Enquiries Welcome

Enquiries from press and media are welcome

Royal Signals Museum – home to Ptarmigan, the first digital, mobile phone

Recent press and media credits include

Every single campaign since 1920 has had a Royal Signals communication element


Expertise and access

The museum has access to a number of subject matter experts who can give a historical perspective on a wide-range of communications and artefacts from the Crimean to the present day.  Areas we cover include telegraphy, telephony, wireless, satellite, microwave, IT and cyber as well as the niche fields of electronic warfare and counter measures, SoE and Ptarmigan.

We can provide access to original WW1 Royal Naval Division trenches*

We have extensive library, archive and research facilities.

We can also host special events. To explore possibilities for your project please contact Tel: 01258 482248


*The loan of any equipment and filming in the museum and access to historical sites, kit and artefacts are subject to terms and conditions. Please contact us for details.


Lomax, a Japanese PoW, was forced to work on the Thai-Burma 'Death railway' during WW2
Royal Signals Blitz despatch rider George Brown with wife Thelma and TT racer Guy Martin. Bike on loan from The Museum.