Your museum needs you

No specialist knowledge required

Genuine opportunities


As much or as little as you can offer. Being close to Blandford helps but some volunteers work remotely.


The museum is staffed entirely by volunteers at weekends. Their fabulous support enables us to open from February to October half-terms. A rota operates; say when you can help.


Help with: the archives, guided tours, media, in the shop, on digital projects at special events and more.

Volunteers are absolutely key to the continued existence of the museum

There is no need to have the history of The Royal Corps of Signals at your finger tips or any specialist knowledge – indeed for some, the museum is their first introduction to The Corps – but if you do have specialist knowledge or experience we’ll put that to good use.

A warm, friendly welcome awaits.


  • Collaborate 
  • Research
  • Engage 
  • Support 
  • Problem solve

They work from home, in the Museum or both.

Some work on a regular basis, others on short or long-term projects to suit.

Thinking of joining our team? Do get in touch to find out more.


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 Volunteer today


A great way to use your skills, develop new ones and meet like-minded individuals.

Our team comes from a mix of ages (some as young as 16), backgrounds and experiences.


Genuine opportunities


 For all ages

Volunteering looks good on a CV and can be the perfect way to develop workplace confidence following a career break or provide a new string to your bow following retirement. Volunteering can provide the edge you need – some staff members started out as volunteers prior to applying for and successfully taking up paid positions. We offer a limited range of volunteering experiences for students too, so do get in touch.



Pictured above is Royal Signals veteran and long-serving museum volunteer Pat Soward. Pat and his wife Maureen often work weekends at the museum. 

Volunteer story

I began volunteering for the museum following a visit in 2015 and a chance encounter with a member of staff who commented that they wanted to update the website. I no longer live in Dorset but continue in my role as webmaster and editor. I also help out with comms in general as required.

Working from home doesn’t mean working in isolation with collaboration across projects snd activities. 

Every year volunteers are invited to a dinner. It’s a wonderful opportunity to get together, with Trustees, staff and volunteers to celebrate the work we do.

Web means I work for the Museum pretty much every day – but volunteers only need commit the time they can spare. There are so many opportunities and the ability to carve your own niche in support of The Museum.

Sandra Hutchinson

Museum staff and volunteers at the presentation of a line belt.

What do volunteers do?

Volunteers are central to our work. We rely on volunteer help and support to keep the museum open – ensuring a great experience for our visitors. As well as the general public, school and youth groups many members of the Corps visit – the museum is great way for them to appreciate Corps history and heritage. Naturally we also get enquiries from researchers, press and TV. 

Some volunteers work front of house, engaging with visitors, others work behind the scenes, researching, problem solving, preparing exhibits, supporting the running of the museum and so much more,

If you have a skill we can invariably put it to good use or we can train you in new ones. Current volunteers undertake a diverse range of valuable tasks including:

  • Archival work
  • Research
  • Cataloguing artefacts, documents or photographs
  • Guided tours
  • Helping in the shop
  • Assisting with Social media
  • Digital projects – including web
  • Content creation and editing
  • Photography
  • Helping at special events or on out-reach visits


Keeping the show on the road

Volunteers choose when they wish to work. Some work only during normal opening hours, others weekends and bank holidays. Crucially the Museum is staffed solely by our excellent and valued volunteers at weekends and during Bank Holidays for the period from mid-February to the end of October – if we didn’t have volunteers we wouldn’t be able to open. So we really need you…


Above – Volunteers, trustees and staff mingle at the annual dinner


As well as induction training, continuation training is given, so it’s easy to keep up to speed with developments and requirements and to keep in touch with all that is happening in and around the museum.

For many roles volunteers work in teams of two, making it ideal for couples as well as individuals. Most volunteers live in the Blandford, Bournemouth and Salisbury areas but we welcome enquiries from those living further afield.


Want to know more?

It’s easy to find out more, simply contact Jim Ross our very friendly Museum Volunteer Co-Ordinator. Via Contact us (remember to mention volunteering) or drop in and see us.